Born in 1978, lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 2001 he had finished Polytechnical University of St.Petersburg, and worked as web-developer in Finland, then he decided to leave office job and start working as free-lancer.
Simultaneously he was engaged in photography, worked as photojournalist for various St. Petersburg and Moscow newspapers and magazins ("On Nevsky", "Arguments and Facts", "Antique Info", "Luxury House" etc).
His works were used as illustrations and covers of books printed in Russia and Italy ("Russian World of Milan" and others).
He is a member of the United Federation of Journalists since 2007

In 2006 he hold personal exhibition "Shore of Naples" in the exhibition hall of Mayakovsky Library.
In 2012 he hold personal exhibition of "Cabinet of Curiosities" in "Dvoika" gallery, St. Petersburg.
In 2014 he participated Russian stand on NordArt Festival Budelsdorf/Rendsburg, Germany.

Grigory Talalay, 2005-2019